Partners Make It Possible

We truly believe that we are better together and are always honored to get to partner with others to make the biggest possible impact. We believe that the next generation is our responsibility & we are honored to make an investment in them alongside others!


OKCPS Foundation

The OKCPS Foundation exists to create community ownership in the success of every child.

OKCPS Partners In Action

The Partners in Action initiative strives to connect OKCPS with community partners interested in making an impact.


Regional Food Bank

Fighting Hunger, Feeding Hope in Oklahoma which is the 6th hungriest state in the nation.


The Academy of Christian Studies

We serve families through multiple classical Christian models to reform education in Oklahoma City, the state of Oklahoma, the nation, and world.


Lee Roland Educational Consulting

Lee is an expert on engaging students from every background & addressing culture/bias to create a place where every student thrives!

Kehe Distributors

We’re natural. We’re authentic. We’re faith-friendly. And we’re passionate about high-quality products and wholesome foods.


Little Light Christian School

Little Light Christian School is a tuition-free private Christian school for kids who have a parent who is now in jail or prison or has a history of this.


Heartland Payment Systems

A global payment process system that helps businesses prosper through innovative solutions, advocacy and unmatched service.