Success Stories

We believe true impact isn’t only measured through numbers, but stories & people.


1. Teacher Retention Creates Student Stability & Felt Safety.


Teacher turnover & retention creates a significant issue across urban schools in every city. The social cost to students who lose a safe, adult figure who could speak into their lives during their most impressionable years is impossible to calculate, but our guess is you have a teacher in your life who made a big impact on you. That’s worth it’s weight in gold.

Financially, the cost of teacher turnover is significant. It is estimated that each teacher loss represents $10,000-20,000 of training, hiring & onboard-ing costs.

We don’t think that needs to be a reality and so we made teacher retention our primary goal. If we can love teachers well, support them, and make it impossible to leave their community of cheerleaders then we win BIG for students too.

“My Classroom Care Team is truly the reason that I chose to stay through the end of the year. I wouldn’t have made it without them.”

— 4th grade teacher, Parks Elementary


2. Safe Adult & Student Relationships Transform Families.


When we build true relationships with our schools & students for the long-haul we become part of the extend fabric of family that we believe is the real way to change cycles. When we engage people where they are at, we can listen well and see how they can participate with us in the success of their student. For many un- or under-employed parents, shame is the name of the game. It can prevent them from engaging with their students and strip them of the dignity of providing for their basic needs. For others, working 3 part-time jobs means they provide for needs, but aren’t present with their students at home.

We think true flourishing means connected families who have what they need to engage together and change generational cycles into pathways of hope!

“I’m so thankful I met the staff of RestoreOKC through my kids’ school. My students have experienced incredible support & I’ve been able to access employment through one of RestoreOKC’s other arms which is providing me with an opportunity to show my kids that it’s never too late to chase your dreams & believe the impossible!”

— Employee of WellSpring Cleaning Company, a job-training arm of RestoreOKC


3. Transformed Families, Transform Communities.


Long-term change is long, hard work. But, it’s exactly what is needed and our culture is hungry for it. Relief is a wonderful thing, it can meet big needs in scary moments. But, we don’t believe that it changes situations for the long-haul.

Development is about transformation. It’s about community & connection. It’s about loving & caring for your neighbor and not believing the lie that we need to fear one another. Lets neighbor well!

“My J has has learned to serve our neighbors with you all! Just the other day we cut flowers from the garden and he asked to go share them with another single-mom down our street. I think that’s the kind of hope we’ve all been looking for, it goes both ways. It really does.”

— Neighbor, RestoreOKC